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LYNX PRO AUDIO utvecklas och tillverkas i Europa. I sortimentet hittar vi allt från takhögtalare, kolumnhögtalare, line-array, monitorer, slutsteg och ett imponerande utbud av tillbehör.


Vi låter LYNX presentera sig själva

“We are a relatively young company that has been able to quickly establish ourselves as a respected & trusted player in the Pro Audio market. We have systems available in more than 40 countries and we export about 80% of our total production.

Our growth increases year over year, with the addition of new products and the development of new softwares.

We firmly believe that by using the best components and taking advantage of the latest technologies our systems will prove their excellence.

All our products are designed in-house by our team of engineers and manufactured by highly qualified staff in our headquarters in Valencia (Spain). At Lynx Pro Audio we are passionate about professional sound and dedicate all our resources to research and development. This allows us to offer superior systems a result of the fruit of our labours.”

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [1] Camera views and selection tools

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [2] Add complex surfaces, textures, pictures and ornaments

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [3] Duplicate and symmetry

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [4] Add line array and DSP process

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [5] Add single cabinets

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [6] Layers

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [7] Microphones

Rainbow 3D Tutorial – [8] Menus